Ladies, These Are Easy Ways to Deal with Oily Hair

Ways to Deal with Oily Hair

No More Oily Hair! 8 Ways to Control Greasiness

Hair is like a  crown for a woman. When a lady has a bad hair day, it can damage her mood in a whole day. Smooth and scented hair can boost your confidence. But what if you have oily instead of smooth hair? It will look dirty and annoys your performance.

When you want to get a beautiful hairdo like bridesmaid or cornrow, having oily hair will annoys the hairdresser. Because your hair is too greasy and slick.

Ways to Deal with Oily Hair

Ways to Deal with Oily Hair

Do not worry too much, you can control oily hair with these ways:

  1. Apply baby powder

Baby powder is the safest way to reduce oil at your hair and scalp. Whenever you feel so bad because of oily hair, take a bottle of baby powder and sprinkle that powder into your greasy hair. You can mix baby powder with cocoa powder to avoid white cast.

  1. Do not apply conditioner at your scalp

What produces oily roots? Sweat and conditioner. When you apply conditioner, just put it from mid shaft into ends of the hair.

  1. Wash your hair every other day

Do you wash your hair everyday to remove the oil? In fact, when the scalp is being stripped of oils, it tries to produces more oils. Wash your hair 3 times a week.

wash your hair

wash your hair

  1. Clean your hair with dry shampoo

Instead of liquid shampoo, use dry shampoo. When you use this kind of shampoo, it will suck up oil from the hair roots. By applying dry shampoo, you will save more time of showering.

But beside using dry shampoo, use a clarifying shampoo once a week. In order to clean your scalp and hair clearly.

  1. Avoid gels and mousses

Maybe you have a bottle of gels to do your hairstyle. But remember to squeeze the bottle as small amount as possible. Too much mousses and gels will make your hair greasy.

  1. Do not brush too much

Do you believe in old beauty rules that we have to brush our hair at least one hundred time before sleeping? Do not brush too much. Because over brushing can provokes oil production.

dont brush too much

dont brush too much

  1. Do not touch your hair

Do you like to play with your hair as a joke? Stop this silly habit. Because your dirty hand will blemish your hair and makes it produces more oil.

  1. Do not straightening your hair

Do you have a curly hair and take a straightening iron before going to the party? In fact, wavy or curly hair is saver than straight hair. Because people whom have straight hair have more oil at their scalp.

Most women want to have healthy hair. But what if they hate their oily hair? Because it looks dull and awful, and will not be lucky when playing Idnplay poker.

You can remove oils from scalps and hair by applying baby powder everyday. It can absorbs the oil and scenting your hair. Do not wash your hair every day because it makes more oil at your hair root. You will be a fabolous woman with healthy hair.

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