Bye Bye Damaged Hair! 6 Ways to Cure Dry and Injured Hair

Dry and Injured Hair

Do you have split ends at your hair? Having a dry hair makes your hair splits easily. But dryness is only one sign of hair damage. When you have damaged hair, it is difficult to have a special hairdo like ponytail or bridesmaid style. Because dry and injured hair is difficult to manage. Another sign of damaged hair is there are cracks in the cuticle (outside layer).

For women, damaged hair is a nightmare. How can you going out in the morning confidently when you have a bad hair day? You can not cut your hair to avoid split ends, because hair damage is permanent.

Sometimes damaged hair happens because of bleaching process. After bleaching and coloring your hair, apply moisturizer everyday to avoid damaged hair.

Dry and Injured Hair

Dry and Injured Hair

Beside effect of bleaching, damaged hair happens because of the sun. The strong sunshine can hurts your hair, if you forgot to wear hat or veil.

When you have damaged hair, there are dead cells of hair and you can get these kind of treatment to deal with damaged hair:

  1. Avoid bleaching

When you want to dye your hair, choose a natural coloring liquid. Do not bleach your hair because it damages your hair cells.

Choose natural shades of color when dying so you do not need any bleaching process. Bleaching means putting chemical liquids on your scalps and hair. Beside damaging your hair, it can make hair loss! So scary.

  1. Do not wash your hair everyday

Maybe you live in a hot city and like to wash your hair every morning to avoid the heat. In fact, washing hair everyday can damages your hair. Because shampoo has some chemical liquid that can hurts your cuticle.

dont wash your hair everyday

dont wash your hair everyday

Wash your hair every other hair and use special shampoo for dry hair.

  1. Use shampoo formulated for dyed hair

Afrter coloring your hair, use a special shampoo for dyed hair. Because it gives more moisturizer for your hair roots.

  1. Wash your hair with cool water

Hot water opens the cuticle. Use cool water to clean your hair and rinse the conditioner.

  1. Use conditioner

Apply conditioner after wash your hair. When you use shampoo from brand A, use conditioner from the same brand.

Use conditioner

Use conditioner for dry and injured hair

  1. Apply coconut oil

Coconut oil is a traditional moisturizer, and it gives an exotic scent. Take a bottle of coconut oil and squeeze it. Apply into your hair and scalp, and wait for around an hour. Then, wash your hair to clean the oil. You do not need any conditioner after applying coconut oil.

Do not forget to wash and rinse your hair with cool water. Hot water will open cuticle and damages your hair.

Use this kind of treatment once a week. You will have a healthy and shiny hair.

Having damaged hair is not a nightmare anymore. You can apply coconut oil, conditioner, and special shampoo for dry and damaged hair.

Avoiding hot styling tools such as hair dryer and curling iron is another way to keep your hair normal.

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