5 Treatments After Coloring Your Hair for Woman

Healthy Colored Hair

Ladies, These are 5 Ways to Have a Healthy Colored Hair

Coloring is the easiest way to hide white hair, especially for women. Because white hair is a sign of oldness. White hair is a nightmare. Even when you have only a white hair, you will scream “oh NO!”  I will look like a grand mother.

But how to color your hair safely? Do you need to ask your hair dresser for the best choice of color? Or maybe, do you want to buy coloring products at supermarket and dye your hair by yourself?

These are safe way to color your hair:

  1. Avoid bleaching

Bleaching is a process to make your hair tone younger. So you will have brighter colored hair. When your original hair color  is black or dark brown, yo need bleaching process. If you choose nordic gold or light green color for your hair.

Avoid bleaching

Avoid bleaching

If you just want to hide your white hair, choose darker color instead of bright dye. You can buy mahogany coloring products. Because bleaching process use chemical liquid that makes hair loss and damaged hair!

  1. Apply moisturizer

Having moisturizer before going out in a sunny day is a must! Colored hair tends to be dry, so it needs much more moisturizer. You can ask your hair dresser for a recommendation.

When you are travelling, you can bring a spray bottle of moisturizer. So, you can spray your hair whenever you need.

  1. Coconut oil hair mask

When your hair is dry after coloring process, you can fix it with coconut oil mask. Take a bottle of virgin coconut oil and squeeze. Apply that oil into your hair, your hair roots, and also the scalps. Wait for an hour before cleaning your hair.

Coconut oil hair mask

Coconut oil hair mask for Healthy Colored Hair

When you are waiting for cleaning hair session, you can cover your head with a soft towel. Or maybe you can heat the towel first, so you can have a creambath sensation at home.

You can do this kind of treatment once or twice a week. Coconut oil will moisture your hair and it gives special fragrance.

  1. Wash your hair with cold water

Never wash your hair with hot water! Because it can dries your hair and reduce the hair’s new color. When you are washing your hair, clean it gently with cold water.

  1. Use conditioner

When you are buying coloring product, buy a pack of conditioner too. With the same brand. So after washing your hair, apply conditioner from hair roots to the end. Wait for about 10 minutes, then rinse your hair with cold water.

Use conditioner

Use conditioner for Healthy Colored Hair

Do not forget to wash your hair clearly after applying conditioner. Because too much conditioner provokes dandruff on your scalps.

Coloring hair is a normal thing for women. Especially when they have white hair. Or maybe a woman just getting bored of her ols hair color and try to a new hair style.

You should do special treatment after coloring your hair. Give moisturizer and coconut oil hair mask, in order to get a healthy hair. Be confident with colored hair!

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