Get Rid of Dandruff With These Natural Substances

remove Dandruff

Ladies, this is Easy Ways to Remove Dandruffs

Are you afraid of wearing black clothes?  Because there are so much little white flakes on your shoulder. That dandruff can reduce your confidence and make your scalp itchy. For women, dandruff is annoying and disgusting. It looks dirty.

Dandruff happens because of oily scalp and hair. When you apply too much hair moisturizer, there will be a harmless yeast. This yeast can feed on the dead skin cells at your scalp. It makes them shed frequently.

remove dandruff

remove dandruffs

If you try a new kind of shampoo but then you have an allergy of it, it causes dandruff.  Dandruff will come if you always cover your hair with thick material, such as suede hat. Because there are no free circulation on your head.

Do you want to get rid of dandruff with natural substances? Check this out:

  1. Lemon Juice

Take two or three lemons and squeeze them.  Pour that juice to your scalp and hair . wait until 30 minutes, so the lemon juice will react. Try to relax and listen to some good quality songs on your mp3 player while waiting. Your scalp will be itchy, but do not stratch it.

  1. Olive oil

Before washing your hair, take a bottle of olive oil and squeeze. Apply that olive oil  into your hair and scalp. You can wait this process for ten minutes then can relax and play at

At night take a bottle of olive oil once again. Apply olive oil in to your hair (and also scalp). Take a towel, then cover your hair.

remove dandruff with olive oil

remove dandruffs with olive oil

In the morning you will not see any dandruff anymore.

  1. Egg yolk

Do you like Sunny Side up? Boiled egg and sunny side up are delicious. But you can use egg yolk to remove dandruff.

Take 2 eggyolk and mix them. Apply that mixture into your scalp and hair. As much as possible.

Take a towel or a  plastic bag and cover your hair. Then, wash your hair twice to remove the stink.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

Do you use tea tree oil to remove acne? You can use this oil to eliminate white flakes a.k.a dandruff on your scalps.

The severity of dandruff can be improved because of usage of tea tree oil shampoo. If you can not find this kind of shampoo at the nearest supermarket, just add a little bit of of tea tree oil in the shampoo, and rinse our hair clean.

tea tree oil

Remove Dandruffs with tea tree oil

Apple cider vinegar

Why apple cider vinegar? Because its acidity can change PH on your scalp so that the dandruff’s yeast will not grow. Take a spray bottle and puor a quarter cup of apple vinegar with a quarter cup of water. Spritz it on your scalp and take a soft towel. Cover your hair with that towel and wait for 60 minutes before washing your hair. You can do this 8 times a month.

For woman, dandruff can be a nightmare. But don’t worry. We can control dandruff and cure it with natural substance.

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