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No More Oily Hair! 8 Ways to Control Greasiness

Hair is like a  crown for a woman. When a lady has a bad hair day, it can damage her mood in a whole day. Smooth and scented hair can boost your confidence. But what if you have oily instead of smooth hair? It will look dirty and ruins your performance.

When you want to get a beautiful hairdo like bridesmaid or cornrow, having oily hair will annoys the hairdresser. Because your hair is too greasy and slick.

Do not worry too much, you can control oily hair with these ways:

  1. Apply baby powder

Baby powder is the safest way to reduce oil at your hair and scalp. Whenever you feel so bad because of oily hair, take a bottle of baby powder and sprinkle that powder into your greasy hair. You can mix baby powder with cocoa powder to avoid white cast.

  1. Do not apply conditioner at your scalp

What produces oily roots? Sweat and conditioner. When you apply conditioner, just put it from mid shaft into ends of the hair.

  1. Wash your hair every other day
wash your hair everyday
wash your hair everyday

Do you wash your hair everyday to remove the oil? In fact, when the scalp is being stripped of oils, it tries to produces more oils. Wash your hair 3 times a week just like you playing games at

  1. Clean your hair with dry shampoo

Instead of liquid shampoo, use dry shampoo. Whan you use this kind of shampoo, it will suck up oil from the hair roots. By applying dry shampoo, you will save more time of showering.

But beside using dry shampoo, use a clarifying shampoo once a week. In order to clean your scalp and hair clearly.

  1. Avoid gels and mousses

Maybe you have a bottle of gels to do your hairstyle. But remember to squeeze the bottle as small amount as possible. Too much mousses and gels will make your hair greasy.

  1. Do not brush too much

Do you believe in old beauty rules that we have to brush our hair at least one hundred time before sleeping? Do not brush too much. Because over brushing can provokes oil production.

  1. Do not touch your hair
do not touch your hair
do not touch your hair

Do you like to play with your hair as a joke? Stop this silly habit. Because your dirty hand will blemish your hair and makes it produces more oil.

  1. Do not straightening your hair

Do you have a curly hair and take a straightening iron before going to the party? In fact, wavy or curly hair is saver than straight hair. Because people whom have straight hair have more oil at their scalp.

Most women want to have healthy hair. But what if they hate their oily hair? Because it looks dull and awful.

You can remove oils from scalps and hair by applying baby powder everyday. It can absorbs the oil and scenting your hair. Do not wash your hair every day because it makes more oil at your hair root. You will be a fabolous woman with healthy hair.

5 Steps of Hair Spa Therapy at Home
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5 Steps of Hair Spa Therapy at Home

Get a Shiny Hair by Hair Spa Therapy at Home

Hair spa therapy is the best way to release stress. After hectic week day, you will feel refresh by doing hair spa. It is a special me time for women apart from playing dadu online They enjoy the scent of hair spa cream and the special massage that is given by therapist.

But hair spa therapy needs time and also money. Do you hate to wait for a long time at a full salon? Or maybe you want a hair therapy but you have to save money to buy a birthday present for your husband. Actually, you can do hair spa therapy at home. You can save your time and money. When you have a baby or toddler, you can get a healthy hair without worrying after leaving them at home. Because you do hair spa therapy by yourself, at your own home.

Hair Spa Therapy at Home
Hair Spa Therapy at Home

This is step by step of doing hair spa at home:

  1. Clean your hair

Wash your hair carefully before applying hair spa cream. Because it does not work in dirty hair. You can choose perfect shampoo for your hair. For example, if you have dandruff, choose tea tree oil shampoo.

You can wash your hair with warm water to open the pore of scalp. Washing your hair with warm water is a kind of relaxation.

  1. Apply hair spa cream

Choose the best hair spa cream for your hair. You can read the label and select it carefully. If you have oily hair, do not buy hair spa cream for damaged hair. Because it contains high doze of moisturizer that makes your hair too greasy.

You can make a special mixture at home, if you do not have time for shopping. If you have dry and frizzy hair, take a spoonful of olive oil and coconut oil. Mix the oils and give 6 drops of vitamin E.

Apply this mixture of oil slowly from scalp to hair-end. Give a slow massage at your scalp and try to relax. Listen to your favorite song and smile!

  1. Steaming process

When you do not have steaming machine, do not worry. Take a big and soft towel and put it on a bath-tube. Pour the warm water on it, and cover your hair with that towel. The heat of towel is the alteration of steam machine.

  1. Washing process

After the towel is getting cold, uncover it and go to the bathroom. Clean your hair again, slowly, with cold hair. Clean it carefully, because if there is a residue of hair spa cream or olive oil, it can produces white flakes and dandruff.

Hair Spa Therapy at Home
Hair Spa Therapy at Home
  1. Drying

Dry your hair carefully. Do not put a hot hair dryer on your hair. You can buy a hair dryer which gives cold wind. If you do not have this kind of hair dryer, just wait your hair to dry naturally.

If you have hair serum, give it carefully into the scalp before hair drying process. You can get shiny and healthy hair by hair spa therapy at home.

Get Rid of Dandruff With These Natural Substances
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Get Rid of Dandruff With These Natural Substances

Ladies, this is Easy Ways to Remove Dandruffs

Are you afraid of wearing black clothes?  Because there are so much little white flakes on your shoulder. That dandruff can reduce your confidence and make your scalp itchy. For women, dandruff is annoying and disgusting. It looks dirty.

Dandruff happens because of oily scalp and hair. When you apply too much hair moisturizer, there will be a harmless yeast. This yeast can feed on the dead skin cells at your scalp. It makes them shed frequently.


If you try a new kind of shampoo but then you have an allergy of it, it causes dandruff.  Dandruff will come if you always cover your hair with thick material, such as suede hat. Because there are no free circulation on your head.

Do you want to get rid of dandruff with natural substances? Check this out:

  1. Lemon Juice

Take two or three lemons and squeeze them.  Pour that juice to your scalp and hair . wait until 30 minutes, so the lemon juice will react. Try to relax and listen to some good quality songs on your mp3 player while waiting. Your scalp will be itchy, but do not stratch it.

  1. Olive oil

Before washing your hair, take a bottle of olive oil and squeeze. Apply that olive oil  into your hair and scalp. You cain wait this process for ten minutes.

At night take a bottle of olive oil once again. Apply olive oil in to your hair (and also scalp). Take a towel, then cover your hair.

In the morning you will not see any dandruff anymore.

  1. Egg yolk

Do you like Sunny Side up? Boiled egg and sunny side up are delicious. But you can use egg yolk to remove dandruff.

Take 2 eggyolk and mix them. Apply that mixture into your scalp and hair. As much as possible.

Take a towel or a  plastic bag and cover your hair. Then, wash your hair twice to remove the stink.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

Do you use tea tree oil to remove acne? You can use this oil to eliminate white flakes a.k.a dandruff on your scalps.

The severity of dandruff can be improved because of usage of tea tree oil sahampoo. If you can not find this kind of shampoo at the nearest supermarket, just add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo, then wash your hair. Tea tree oil can reduce the irritation at your scalp and removes dandruff.

  1. Apple cider vinegar
vinegar for dandruff
vinegar for dandruff

Why apple cider vinegar? Because its acidity can change PH on your scalp so that the dandruff’s yeast will not grow. Take a spray bottle and puor a quarter cup of apple vinegar with a quarter cup of water. Spritz it on your scalp and take a soft towel. Cover your hair with that towel and wait for 60 minutes while playing at before washing your hair. You can do this 8 times a month.

For woman, dandruff can be a nightmare. But don’t worry. We can control dandruff and cure it with natural substance.

No More Hairfall on your Pillow! 5 Tips To Prevent Hair Loss For Woman
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No More Hairfall on your Pillow! 5 Tips To Prevent Hair Loss For Woman

5 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss for Woman

Have you ever woken up in the morning and found so much hair falls on your pillow? For women, wrinkles, white hair, and hair loss are nightmare. They are the sign of old age.

The truth is, it is normal to lose 50 strands of hair every single day. Do not worry too much when you see some hair fall on your shoulder. If you are breastfeeding, having so much hair loss is normal. It happens because of hormon.

But what if you lose more than 100 strands of hair every day? This is 7 tips to prevent hair loss:

  1. Avoid chemical processing

Do you like to do bleaching while coloring your hair? After bleaching, the color of your new hair will be brighter. But bleaching process use chemical liquid that makes your hair falls every single day. Because chemical liquid makes your hair weak.

Avoid chemical processing
Avoid chemical processing

If you really want to do bleaching, treat your hair with special treatment. Such as giving deep conditioning treatment regularly. You can use conditioner after wash your hair.

  1. Don’t use high heat frequently

Do you like to use curling iron, hair dryer, or hair straightener? That styling tools make your hair fragile because of their heat. Make sure to apply heat protecting spray before use hair straightener or curling iron. Then, when you use one of them, move it every 8 seconds.

Do not use hair dryer every single day. You can dry your hair naturally, or try to use fan rather than hair dryer.

  1. Consume healthy food

Nutritious foods is good for your health and your hair. If you want to revitalize thinning strands, consume foods high in vitamin B12, zinc, and iron. Such as peanut, walnut (and other kind of nuts), fish, beans, green vegetable, and lean meats.

consume healthy food
consume healthy food
  1. Use essential oils

If you have insomnia, you can use lavender essential oils. Then this kind of essential oil can grow some new hairs. You can use another essential oil such as rosemary, cypress, or carrot seed oil to regenerate your hair and soothing your scalp. Take 5 drops of essential oil and massage your scalp gently. Or you can ask your husband to do the massage, play at This is a simple relaxation and can increase your affection.

  1. Do not make hairstyles that pull on the hairline

Braids, cornrows, and ponytails, are cute but it pulls on the small hairs and causes hair loss. Usually, the hair dresser pulls your hair too strong and someday you can get thinning hair. If you really like ponytails style, use soft elastic.

As women, we like to have a new kind of hair style. But do not pull yopur hair too much and have a hair loss.

You can reduce hair loss and regenerate new hairs with essential oils such as lavender, cypress, and rosemary. A simple scalp massage can grow your hair and make you confidence with healthy hair.

However, do not worry too much if you have hair loss. It somehow can grow again.

Bye Bye Damaged Hair! 6 Ways to Cure Dry and Injured Hair
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Bye Bye Damaged Hair! 6 Ways to Cure Dry and Injured Hair

How to Deal With Damaged Hair

Do you have split ends at your hair? Having a dry hair makes your hair splits easily. But dryness is only one sign of hair damage. When you have damaged hair, it is difficult to have a special hairdo like ponytail or bridesmaid style. Because damaged hair is difficult to manage. Another sign of damaged hair is there are cracks in the cuticle (outside layer).

For women, damaged hair is a nightmare. How can you going out in the morning confidently when you have a bad hair day? You can not cut your hair to avoid split ends, because hair damage is permanent.

Sometimes damaged hair happens because of bleaching process. After bleaching and coloring your hair, apply moisturizer everyday to avoid damaged hair.

Beside effect of bleaching, damaged hair happens because of the sun. The strong sunshine can hurts your hair, if you forgot to wear hat or veil.

When you have damaged hair, there are dead cells of hair and you can get these kind of treatment to deal with damaged hair:

  1. Avoid bleaching

When you want to dye your hair, choose a natural coloring liquid. Do not bleach your hair because it damages your hair cells.

avoid bleaching
avoid bleaching

Choose natural shades of color when dying so you do not need any bleaching process. Bleaching means putting chemical liquids on your scalps and hair. Beside damaging your hair, it can make hair loss! So scary.

  1. Do not wash your hair everyday

Maybe you live in a hot city near site like and like to wash your hair every morning to avoid the heat. In fact, washing hair everyday can damages your hair. Because shampoo has some chemical liquid that can hurts your cuticle.

Wash your hair every other hair and use special shampoo for dry hair.

  1. Use shampoo formulated for dyed hair

Afrter coloring your hair, use a special shampoo for dyed hair. Because it gives more moisturizer for your hair roots.

  1. Wash your hair with cool water
Wash your hair with cold water
Wash your hair with cold water

Hot water opens the cuticle. Use cool water to clean your hair and rinse the conditioner.

  1. Use conditioner

Apply conditioner after wash your hair. When you use shampoo from brand A, use conditioner from the same brand.

  1. Apply coconut oil

Coconut oil is a traditional moisturizer, and it gives an exotic scent. Take a bottle of coconut oil and squeeze it. Apply into your hair and scalp, and wait for around an hour. Then, wash your hair to clean the oil. You do not need any conditioner after applying coconut oil.

Do not forget to wash and rinse your hair with cool water. Hot water will open cuticle and damages your hair.

Use this kind of treatment once a week. You will have a healthy and shiny hair.

Having damaged hair is not a nightmare anymore. You can apply coconut oil, conditioner, and special shampoo for dry and damaged hair.

Avoiding hot styling tools such as hair dryer and curling iron is another way to keep your hair normal.

5 Treatments After Coloring Your Hair for Woman
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5 Treatments After Coloring Your Hair for Woman

Ladies, These are 5 Ways to Have a Healthy Colored Hair

Coloring is the easiest way to hide white hair, especially for women. Because white hair is a sign of oldness. White hair is a nightmare. Even when you have only a white hair, you will scream “oh NO!”  I will look like a grand mother.

But how to color your hair safely? Do you need to ask your hair dresser for the best choice of color? Or maybe, do you want to buy coloring products at supermarket and dye your hair by yourself?

These are safe way to color your hair:

  1. Avoid bleaching

Bleaching is a process to make your hair tone younger. So you will have brighter colored hair. When your original hair color  is black or dark brown, yo need bleaching process. If you choose nordic gold or light green color for your hair.

avoid bleaching
avoid bleaching

If you just want to hide your white hair, choose darker color instead of bright dye. You can buy mahogany coloring products. Because bleaching process use chemical liquid that makes hair loss and damaged hair!

  1. Apply moisturizer

Having moisturizer before going out in a sunny day is a must! Colored hair tends to be dry, so it needs much more moisturizer. You can ask your hair dresser for a recommendation.

When you are travelling, you can bring a spray bottle of moisturizer. So, you can spray your hair whenever you need.

  1. Coconut oil hair mask

When your hair is dry afeter coloring process, you can fix it with coconut oil mask. Take a bottle of virgin coconut oil and squeeze. Apply that oil into your hair, your hair roots, and also the scalps. Wait for an hour before cleaning your hair.

When you are waiting for cleaning hair session, you can cover your head with a soft towel. Or maybe you can heat the towel first, so you can have a creambath sensation at home.

You can do this kind of treatment once or twice a week. Coconut oil will moisture your hair and it gives special fragrance.

  1. Wash your hair with cold water
Wash your hair with cold water
Wash your hair with cold water

Never wash your hair with hot water! Because it can dries your hair and reduce the hair’s new color. When you are washing your hair, clean it gently with cold water.

  1. Use conditioner

When you are buying coloring product, buy a pack of conditioner too. With the same brand. So after washing your hair, apply conditioner from hair roots to the end. Wait for about 10 minutes, then rinse your hair with cold water.

Do not forget to wash your hair clearly after applying conditioner. Because too much conditioner provokes dandruff on your scalps.

Coloring hair is a normal thing for women. Especially when they have white hair. Or maybe a woman just getting bored of her ols hair color and try to a new hair style.

You should do special treatment after coloring your hair. Give moisturizer and coconut oil hair mask, in order to get a healthy hair. Be confident with colored hair!